Hindsight is 20/20, so the saying goes. After something is over, after arriving at a certain place in life, we can look back and see the events and choices that took us there.

I know I’ve said, “If only I knew then what I know now…” thinking it would have been nice to know ahead of time what was coming, wishing for foresight. Wouldn’t that be helpful, to know what’s ahead so we can prepare and make the best choices?

The other day I was thinking it may actually be brilliant that we cannot see the future. If we could, wouldn’t it be paralyzing? If we saw a future ominous event coming, what would we do to avoid it? If I knew a day would end in catastrophe wouldn’t I be a wreck, clamoring to find a way to make it not happen?

Or, imagine the possibilities for trouble as we tried to claw our way into the future to grab hold of the great thing that is about to happen. If I knew that in two months I would win the lottery (not going to happen, don’t even play…) who would I kick out of the way to get to the head of the line for tickets? And how much credit debt would I create in preparation?

Wishing I knew what the future holds won’t get me anywhere. But being able to learn from hindsight, build on it and creating the best future I can, that’s my goal! How about you?


One thought on “Hindsight

  1. You make some really good points! I believe ignorance can be bliss sometimes, truly allowing us to live in the moment. I think it’s about finding a balance of living in the moment, yet taking care of ourselves and our lives as sort of preventative measures against the things that may happen in the future.

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