Attitude Adjustment

In John Lennon’s song, Beautiful Boy, one of the great lines is “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.” How true is that? Being a planner myself, I have been known to struggle with last minute changes or things popping up that get in the way of what I was planning to do.

Last weekend Michael and I had the opportunity to put our attitudes to the test when life happened as we were busy making other plans. In the midst of food preparations for a bridal shower for my cousin on Saturday morning, I walked through our basement family room and noticed my socks felt wet. The carpet actually sounded “squish, squish” as I walked. As panic set in, Michael checked the water pipe that brings city water into the house. He discovered a hissing jet of water spraying from a pipe – a straight shot of water from the pipe to the insulated unfinished wall, running to the floor.

Within a moment he had shut off the water to the house and we realized we had a flood in our unfinished storage area, spreading out into the finished family room. Wide eyed, we stared at each other wondering what to do next. As we began carrying wet, deteriorating cardboard boxes from the storage room out to the garage, anger and frustration set in. Michael sucked up water with a shop vac in what seemed like an endless effort. 

The plan for the day was a bridal shower. My mom was hosting; the aunties and I were going to help. Michael had a tee time for golf with my dad, uncle and the groom. It was going to be a fun, festive day.

As I stood in our laundry room pulling drenched, ruined pictures from a box I had a thought: “This could be so much worse.” We were going to lose some things and would have a lot of upcoming work to do. But we didn’t lose our home, it wasn’t dirty water that had drenched the place, and we were both okay. In the past I would have been so upset by this flood, not gone to the bridal shower and been a general sour puss about how it was putting me out.

But in this case, on that day, I was so thankful for the different attitude. We filed an insurance claim, the basement was dried out professionally, and yesterday we went carpet shopping. This hasn’t been a fun experience but it certainly could have been worse!

I did go to the bridal shower and we had a great time. I learned one other thing: store stuff in plastic totes in the basement rather than in cardboard boxes. Check.


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