3 Signs that you are Waking Up!

Happy Friday! Today I am reblogging a post written by Jeff Moore. He started following my blog last week so I checked his out. His motivational, positive, empowering message are amazing! This one particularly spoke to me, about the ways in which we know we are ready for something new, something big, when we are ready to wake up to our lives! I hope you enjoy it like I have. ~ Jennifer

Everyday Power Blog

wake up

The Japanese call it Satori, the Buddhists call it Enlightenment, and us American’s call it “go out and get a job” – just kidding! We call it consciousness.

Regardless of what you call it; we all at one point or another seem to WAKE UP!

When you have woken up, you know it! Here are three signs that you are well on your way!

1. You find yourself disgusted!That’s right! Down right disgusted! Disgusted by the idea that you have settled for too long. Disgusted by the idea that you have not taken responsibility and have allowed certain things to stay in your life for too long! Thankfully, at the blink of a moment, that can all change.  Become aware of why you were doing what you were doing.  Embrace a fresh view on what you have been trying to avoid. Let this disgust motivate…

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