Okay, this is a bit of a confession.

Lately time has been kicking my butt. Not enough time.

I have a lot going on personally, at home and at work, and feel pressed. Phrases like “I need to do this, have to do that, must go here, should do this” reverberate in my mind, creating a mental treadmill of stress and pressure.

But I’m doing it to myself.

I drink a lot of hot tea and Good Earth brand writes little quotes on their tea bags. I keep those quotes that I find inspiring and stick them on a small wall space by my desk. One has a Celtic saying, “When God made time, He made enough of it.”

The last few days I have been thinking a lot about this. There is enough time. But I need to stop and breathe, and decide how to use my time. Some things have to go, others need to wait. I need to focus on the big rocks, rather than on the pebbles, as Stephen Covey teaches.

I get it intellectually but, must admit, this is difficult to do.

So, there are no wise words here. But I do believe when God made time, He made enough of it. And I am making it my business this week to remind myself of this as often as needed, to avoid the mental treadmill of stress and pressure.

Do you suffer with your own mental treadmill?


9 thoughts on “Time

  1. YES! Love the mental treadmill imagery! I have been bound by time lately too but this week I am blessed to have an almost empty calendar (by design) to regroup, rest after a few whirlwind months and re-set my priorities. This blog post was JUST EXACTLY what I needed. THANK YOU for your insight – and the reminder!!!

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