Which list?

This week we in the US will celebrate Thanksgiving, the festive food-filled kick-off to the holiday season. Ah, the holidays… a season of joy, of celebrations with family and friends, of eating, drinking and merry-making.

Also a season of to-do lists and stress, perhaps difficult get-togethers with family, lonely times and overspending of money.

In my family we have historically shared Christmas wish lists, ideas of things we’d like to receive. Kids wish for toys, iPads, and Wii games. Adults wish for the latest gadget, clothes, slippers or tools. It is always easy to think of the lists of ‘wants’ isn’t it?

But recently I came across a question in a book asking, “What was THE thing you wanted last year? What did you just need to have? How did you feel when you got it?”

I couldn’t for the life of me remember what exactly I received for Christmas last year, much less what I thought I must have.

So it got me to thinking about another list, my list of ‘haves’. I have pretty stable health, for which I am incredibly grateful. I have a husband who loves me. I have a close knit family, parents who are supportive, who led by example in their marriage and their manner, and who raised me to be a strong-minded woman of faith. I have a niece and nephew I adore, a warm house, a great 2006 Toyota 4Runner, a good job, and the list goes on.

We all have two lists, the ‘wants’ and the ‘haves’. This year I am thinking mostly about the haves and want to continue in this mindset over the coming month. As the stress gradually builds and the to-do list grows, keep it simple and remember to focus on being present to enjoy the ride.

This Thanksgiving I am grateful to get to celebrate the season. I wish for you the happiest Thanksgiving yet!

For Canadian readers, I wish for you a great week, with or without the Thanksgiving Holiday!


9 thoughts on “Which list?

  1. Great reminder! I’m going to start my gratitude list. This thanksgiving I won’t stumble over the “what are you thankful for” question.

  2. Another fabulous and perfectly-timed blog post! I have been trying to pull back from material gifts and instead give gifts of experience – things that engage people in an activity or something. And this year my gift list has shrunk down to not even doing gifts but instead spending time or making more of an effort to be more engaged with people. Thanks for your great post!!

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