Speakin’ My Mind

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In the past few years I have been working on a memoir. If you know me, you’ve most likely heard me talk about it. “I’m working on my book…” has been said thousands of times.

The title I have chosen is “Because I Lived”, also the impetus for this blog. It describes the journey of coming to terms with life after a near deadly health crisis. Because I lived I get to have a life full of more gratitude, purpose, and blessing than I ever had before when I was considered healthy.

I’ve realized in recent months that I’m stalling. The story is there, it’s done. There will likely be plenty of room for editing. But what I wanted to say is said. I have an editor (a real editor!) lined up. I’m at the point of asking a few close friends to read it, to gather general impressions and their thoughts.

But putting it out there is S-C-A-R-Y! What if everyone who reads it hates it? What if it isn’t interesting? What if it’s self-indulgent, whiny, or boring? And the biggest fear of all, what if publishers are not interested in publishing it? What if they do publish it?

So, I am trying to be brave, put the words out in the world, and trust that it will all work out. Although it is shaky, I am trying to use my voice.

What are you thinking about or working on that has you stalling? Are you shaky but trying to speak?

Make it a good week!


2 thoughts on “Speakin’ My Mind

  1. I’m sure this next step requires a lot of courage, but I am very excited for you! Definitely cause for celebration! Knowing you, I don’t think the book will be whiny, self-indulgent, or boring! I’m sure there may be people who don’t like it, because it’s impossible to please everyone, but I do believe there will be many people who enjoy it and will benefit from your perspective!

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