The Big Picture

competitionI came across this quote a few weeks ago, knowing with surety it was food for a blog post. But, as is often the case, I was unsure of specifically what to say about it at that time, so let it roll around in the back of my mind for days. This message speaks to me powerfully in three ways:

We are all connected. The old adage “I am my brother’s keeper” is fitting. When we consider ourselves responsible for others, our attitude is impacted. We act differently toward those we are connected to versus those we don’t know. If we looked at others, those we bump into each day and those we just hear about, as connected to us, how would the world be impacted?

There is enough for everyone. There are resources in limited supply and specific basic needs such as water and food that are dangerously sparse in many places. But generally, when we consider our western culture, its resources, money, love, jobs, space, recognition, and possessions, there is enough for everyone. Fear and insecurity may feed our competitive ways.

Encourage others with grace. I may not yet have mine. But if you have yours, I want to be happy for you, to encourage and support you. And if I have shown a generous spirit to others, been an encourager rather than a discourager or a sabotager, the same grace of encouragement will come back to support me. Encouraging others with whom we are connected feels good.

If we considered ourselves to be part of something much bigger, and if our focus shifted to what we have in common, away from what makes us different, how differently would our culture thrive?

I really do hope we all make it. Whatever “it” is, I encourage you to continue; you’ll get there.

Make it a good week!




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