Making Mistakes?

The biggest mistake we can make is being afraid to make a mistake. ~ Joyce Meyer

In college I had a roommate who was funny, caring, and energetic. She was very bright, a pre-med student majoring in biology. Everyone loved to be around her; that is, until it came time for her to make a decision. What to eat, what to do, where to go… the options seemed endless to her and she didn’t have an easy time landing on just one.

Courses were limited to a certain number of students so we were urged to register early for classes in order to get a seat. One semester my roommate perseverated over the very best course schedule for so many days that, by the time she registered, two of her top choices were no longer available. While the schedule she ended up with looked fine to the rest of us, she was disappointed for days and felt like she was set back on her goals.

A depth of indecision like this can be a real roadblock. Perhaps born of insecurity, worry of what others may think, or fear of making a mistake, it stops us from moving forward. My roommate’s parents had high expectations of her as the first in the family to go to college. She then had high expectations of herself. But her fear of making mistakes led to negative outcomes and complete inaction.

Perhaps fear of making a mistake happens to most of us given the right set of circumstances. It can be almost terrorizing to make a decision. It has certainly been a limiting factor for me as I let fears of doing the wrong thing stop me from doing anything. But, awareness is the first step toward change and when we realize how our fears or beliefs are limiting us, we can make efforts to change them.

I have found that it takes immense energy to perseverate over a decision; even about something fun like what to do on vacation. If I spend time weighing options, listing ideas, becoming invested in each idea and considering the importance of each one, I’m overwhelmed by the planning and aggravated about what is supposed to be a fun vacation before it has even begun.

How are your beliefs limiting you? Is fear of making a mistake stopping you from doing something important? I challenge you to make a choice, step out in faith, and see what happens. Chances are you will feel much lighter by not allowing the decision to overwhelm you. Think of all the energy and time we can save!

Make it a good week!



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