Eggcellent Egg Burritos

Breakfast burritos are one of my favorite things. A warm tortilla wrapped around eggs, veggies and salsa is just a little slice of heaven. But the problem with breakfast burritos is that the eggs fall out.

Well, no more. Not with this cool and easy method I learned from my cousin, Scott. He cooked breakfast for Michael and I last December when we visited San Francisco.

This fabulous, eggcellent (cute, huh?!) egg burrito method has transformed the slice of heaven that is a breakfast burrito!


Eggs, Tortillas, and whatever you like in a burrito: vegetables, meat, cheese, salsa, etc.


Start by cracking one or two eggs into a bowl. I prefer two. Don’t add water or anything. Stir.










Turn on the stove to medium heat. Add a little cooking spray or butter to your frying pan. Pour the eggs into the pan after it is preheated. Try to use a pan about the size of your tortillas. Immediately lay a tortilla on top of the eggs. Let the eggs cook with tortilla on top for 2 – 3 minutes.



Next, use a spatula or a fork to get under the tortilla, grab it with your fingers and flip it over. The cooked egg will stay attached to the tortilla. Gently slide the tortilla onto a plate. Then add your favorite ingredients on top of the egg, and roll it up.



You can make several egg tortillas and stack them on a plate. They shouldn’t stick together, and will stay fairly warm for several minutes. Your eggs won’t fall out of the burrito. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Eggcellent Egg Burritos

  1. Another great post, Jennifer! Of course this brings fond memories of elk burritos ala Scott in Sausilito. I too have adopted his method of breakfast burritos….so easy and yummy!

    BTW effective Friday please change my email address to:
    Only two more days at Stanford, then the rest of my life begins! Yeah!

    Hugs from your Godmother

    • Thank you, Bonita! Wow, big news for you, moving on from Stanford. Looking forward to hearing more about that! Scott’s elk burritos were the impetus for this post. We just love this way of cooking eggs and tortillas. I updated my email address book. Love you.

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