Who’s Your Hero?

Yesterday my husband and I saw the movie “The Judge” and, although it has mixed reviews, we thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Several facets of the story stood out but one comment in particular took my attention. One of the characters told the story of a terrible car accident years earlier where her vehicle hit a large deer that ran into the road. As she finished the story, telling of how she and her daughter lived through wreck, she said, “In that moment, I decided I was going to be the hero of my story.”

She made a decision that moving forward she would use her inner strength and push through the difficulties in her life. She was in charge. She bought a business, worked hard, then bought another one. She raised her daughter and took care of business.

In most stories with a hero there are also supporting characters. Their jobs are to play a role, to interact with and help the hero, or perhaps to antagonize the hero. If we think about our lives using this analogy, who would you rather be? The hero or the supporting character?

To me, being the hero means that we are the main actors in our lives. We take responsibility for the details and for the decisions we have made. We take action to improve ourselves and our position.

Operating in a supporting role, we may look to others to create our happiness, or to take care of us. We may feel subject to other people and wait for their help to figure out what to do.

Most of us are likely both the hero and the supporting character given different circumstances in our lives. We do need others, and we do need help. But I appreciate the reminder from this movie that we can be our own heroes, taking the lead and making things happen.

Make it a good week!