Ordinary People


Hardships happen to everyone. I love this quote and the imagery of the cracked and damaged wall held together with mortar or caulk. The damage is visible but the wall is holding up just fine with the repair in place.

It reminds me of a fable I heard years ago, a story about a cracked pot. The story goes like this…

A man in India worked in the home of a wealthy master. One of the man’s jobs was to carry water from the sea, up a path, to the house. He used two pots to carry water. One pot was in pristine condition, able to hold its water completely. The other pot was cracked and leaked water, so that only about half the water remained in the pot as the man arrived at the house.

The pristine pot was proud, bragging to the man about its abilities and strengths. The cracked pot was sad and felt apologetic toward the man. He told the man he was very sorry because only half the water remained as they entered the house.

The man said, “That’s okay. I chose you on purpose. Notice the beautiful flowers growing along the left side of the path. I planted them knowing you would water them as I walk up to the master’s house.”

The cracked pot realized he was needed, perfect just the way he was.

At church a few weeks ago, our pastor made a comment that really resonated with me: God doesn’t waste our experiences. We go through things, good and bad, that impact us and move us to choose one response or another, positive or negative. I think it is extraordinary to accept our hardships, perhaps incorporate them into a new normal and move forward. I hope you think of yourself as extraordinary.


2 thoughts on “Ordinary People

  1. Love C.S. Lewis, love the story of the pot and love your message. Will try to keep it in mind to remind myself over and over again.

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